Banking solutions

Islamic Investment

These products covers all the activity related to Islamic operations ( investment & deposit), Islamic Investment has a different
flavour from other modules as it is bided by Islamic rules and at the same time it is flexible enough to add the new Islamic operations.
It was developed to match the different Islamic Sudanese banking Schools and at the same time complying with IOFA standards
and shariaa laws . Since first version the Islamic products 12 years ago it is continually in the development chain to accommodate
with all the on going challenges and the fast growing demand facing the investment market.
The strength of this module resides on its parameterization engine that allows the bank to define an unlimited no of Islamic operations
under its umbrella. Having said that now the last version Bank Islamic covers most of the known Islamic investment
operation such as:
1 Islamic Murabaha
2 Islamic Tawarruq-Murabaha
3 Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahia Bitamleek
4 Istisna’a and parallel Istisna’a
5 Islamic Musharaka
6 Islamic Mudaraba
7. Magawala