RTEC offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical training and education services designed for individuals, companies, and public organizations to acquire, maintain, and optimize their IT skills.


Why our training is different:

  1. Course content is focused and relevant
  2. Extensive use of effective hands-on lab exercises to strategically reinforce and apply concepts
  3. Friendly, courteous, expert instruction in a relaxed, professional learning-oriented atmosphere
  4. We are an independent training provider with no vendor or distributor affiliations - therefore you get honest, unbiased information with no equipment sales pitches. 
  5. We focus on creating a true understanding of the critical concepts. We cover the hows and why's, so that you can better retain the information, and better apply the materials you learn back at work.
  6. Our training comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee!
  7. Our unique training methodology, strategically integrates course content, sequence, key concepts, and lab exercises together to systematically produce superior results (more learning, better retention and understanding, and an improved ability to apply concepts in the real world).